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architecture, storks, cats and more!

avatar Alexis Yael
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Our hotel in Rabat was not too far from Chellah, so we decided to walk.

Even though it was an extremely hot day, the walk was very pretty.

Purple flowers are my favorite


And graffiti.


And arches and minarets. Yes.


The boxy looking text at the bottom is Berber - we saw more of it in Rabat (on official looking buildings) than anywhere else in Morocco, although there was some in Casablanca, too (we just didn't wander around those parts of Casa very much).


I love the wabi sabi quality of this tiled fountain (plus, I'm a sucker for arches).

Orange and ochre were strong colors throughout Morocco, as you can see in the walls here.

After we crossed the traffic circle (there are lights and traffic officers, but you have to pay very close attention because even when there's a green walk sign, cars can and do turn into your crosswalk - it's disconcerting at first, but then watching and being careful becomes second nature), we were at the Chellah complex, but it took us a minute or so to figure out where the entrace was.


We never looked for the gates to get into the Chellah cemetery, but I got these shots through that hole in the very cool, old looking gates.

Wabi sabi. Yes.

And then we came to Chellah itself - the walled in city that was a necropolis (city of the dead) built in the 15th century (or so) and inside the necropolis, the much older Roman ruins.

The result is an interesting cultural mix.



Definitely medieval Arabic architecture.


Yup, I am huge arch fan. Mmmmm. And the stone textures!



And our first view of the Roman ruins. Wow. Stunning, yes!

And then my Lumix GM5 battery died.

I hadn't anticipated taking so many photos on the walk and annoyingly I'd left my two extra batteries at the hotel. Sigh.


Luckily, my phone, the Lumia 928's camera is (was) amazing, so I just switched to using it for the day of the photos.

(Later on in our trip, my phone decided to go swimming in a pool in Fes, and while it's fine, after being in the bath of rice for a day and taking a few photos, the flash popped and now the camera is dead. It's not worth spending the $100 deductible to get fixed because I'm getting an upgrade at the end of July. Until then I am without a secondarily camera.)

One of the most amazing things about Chellah is the world's which make their nests everywhere.

They were very cool, but I didn't have a telephoto lens (and my phone definitely does not do telephoto well, but I've cropped to the best of its ability).

So many storks.

So many nests.


Once you get through the ruins, there's a beautiful little tomb, with the most gorgeous green door.



And then the cats!

The guide really wanted us to pay attention to the eels in that pond (eels being another selling point of Chellah), but we're cat people.

Remy had actually been counting cats all through Morocco.

And I am a sucker for any animals. Especially animals that wasn't me to pet them!


He declared Chellah to be a cat's paradise.


I had to agree.

(I also liked how socialized the cats of Chellah were. They're being taken care of, unlike street cats. This made us all happy.)


Two more photos, too showcase our day.

A stork father I found on the path.

And pink flowers on the way back to the hotel.

Chellah was a great adventure and made for a fun day!

(Remy kept talking about it during the rest of our Moroccan journey. It was definitely one of his highlights, just because of the cats!)